Trading 150k into 650k in 8 Months! | Options Trading Strategy with John Carter

It didn’t matter what the market was doing, this guy just kept making money!

His name is John Carter, CEO of SimplerOptions, and in that video, he laid out his plan that helped him take a 150k account at the beginning of the year, and in 8 MONTHS, turn it into 650!

His plan can be scaled down to a 5k account, or upto a 1mm account…like his!

Watch the video HERE

Here’s what else he covers for you in the video:

– Why the recent market sell off didn’t change his plan.

– How to COMPOUND profits correctly.

– Why options are so profitable no matter the market condition

– And his plan that you could copy!

Check out the video HERE for free, and let me know what you think:

WATCH: 150k into 650k in 8 months

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+40% Returns In Just Days!

I just came across a great video from my friends at MarketClub. It follows along as a trader places 4 trades and in 4 days has +40% average returns! He’s able to find, execute and manage these trades in less than 10 minutes a day. And the best part, he shows you how to get results like this consistently for yourself!

As unbelievable as this may sound, the strategy is built on sound principles. The approach is disciplined and straightforward. In fact, anyone with basic trading knowledge or the desire to learn can follow along. As the teacher says, “Results don’t lie, success doesn’t have to be hard!”

I’m not sure how long he will be giving this away, but you can see his exact strategy here – no cost, no catch! This video shows you the 10 minute strategy step-by-step, the trading rules, his actual results, and exactly how you can implement this strategy on your own.


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The ETF Complete Portfolio | Download The Simple Indicator That Beats The Market Consistently

Grab this complimentary PDF report and video that reveals a simple indicator powering an ETF based trading system that crushes the returns of the S&P 500 by as much as 4 times!

Plus, this indicator will identify which ETF to buy right now, so you’ll profit from the next big market sector move.

Check it out here, absolutely free, for a few more days.

The report and video are from my friends at MarketGauge.

They’re revealing a ‘hedge fund style’ trading system that anyone can enjoy profiting from because it is:

Simple (only take a few minutes of your time per week)

Smart (uses diversified ETFs that outperform the market)

Unique (a classic institutional strategy made simple with ETFs)

Very profitable (I’ll let the video pleasantly surprise you)

Tap here to download your report and watch the video now

Right now you’ll receive a very timely bonus because… the S&P 500 is very close to its 200-day moving average and… In the report you’ll also learn how this indicator identifies the best times to buy near the 200-day moving average and when to wait.

You’ll also learn when to expect the market to collapse below the 200-day moving average! This one secret alone will help you avoid painful and catastrophic losses that occur in a major bear markets like 2007-2008. Don’t miss out on this timely trading edge!

Tap here to access the report and video now


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ETF Complete Portfolio | Solve the Trading Dilemma

The ETF Complete Portfolio service provides access to a combination of 3 different ETF trading systems that are all able to be traded independently or together (this service) to create a portfolio of 9 ETFs that include 3 market sectors, 3 foreign countries, and 3 “global-macro” trends (commodities, VIX, currencies, etc).

The selection of the ETFs and the management of the portfolio is 100% determined by and automated system of rules, so the user can simply follow trade recommendations that are issued as end of day orders to be placed on the market open the following day.

The basic implementation of a 9 position portfolio since inception in 2008 has resulted in a 373% return vs. 48% for the S&P 500 as of June 2015.

This service will provide alerts when the trading system generates a new trade, and a model portfolio to be able to track all current and past trades.

As a result, this system can be used by traders to:

  • Follow the system that the model is trading
  • Use the trading alerts to identify the best stocks to swing trade, day trade, or trade with options right now.

Trade alerts are generated at the end of the day by, therefore…

  • This system can be used by part-time traders as well as full time traders.
  • No special software is required.

This offer will also include a 6 week Rapid Implementation Mentoring Program which will be 6 weekly live training and Q&A session focused on showing the traders how to trade using the tools, and systems in the program.

Want to learn more?

==> Visit official ETF Complete Portfolio Website


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(VIDEO) How he made 1mm in ONE DAY? | John Carter’s Options Mastery Class

John Carter made over 1mm in ONE day trading ONE stock last year (Tesla)…and he’s going to show you exactly HOW he did it…and how you should be growing your account!

Video: What’s Behind the BIG Trade?

In this short and powerful video, John will show you:

1. How he made that famous million dollar trade

2. The number one goal of every trader so you can consistently make money trading

3. The difference between trading for income and trading for account growth

4. Why you don’t want to put it all on one big trade because you can have consistent account growth

5. The best vehicle you can use to grow an account fast

6. Examples of trades made this year that you could have used to grow your account

Watch the video HERE!

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Emini Success Formula 2.0 Review | This stole my attention

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done to make a few extra bucks?
I just saw a story about lady who used to pick up stacks of subpoenas at a local law firm when she needed extra income. She’d then head out to “serve” unsuspecting defendants in civil lawsuits.

It was an odd job, but it was easy income because she pocketed $35 for every person she attempted to serve with papers. Now that’s quick cash. Surprisingly, if you know a few simple tricks, you can pull off a similar move in the market.

In fact, Todd Mitchell just released a free video that shows you how.

He walks you through …

* The best markets to trade for daily income

* The most profitable and predictable times to produce daily income (and what times to avoid)

* 3 everyday mistakes that prevent more than 80% of traders from making money

* A simple, 4-step process for boosting your trading profits almost immediately

It’s 45 minutes of great content – and a very interesting approach.

See this for yourself. Again, the tutorial is free.

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OptionEasy Review | Is It Any Good?

One of the industry’s most respected traders, Guy Cohen, has released a new eBook that you MUST download and read.
Guy is truly the experts’ expert when it comes to options. Over the last 13-years Guy has licensed this proprietary research to institutional clients including the NYSE, the ISE and several brokers.

Fortunately for you his obligations are fulfilled, and he’s now available for the first time in many years to show you his completely unique approach to options.  To celebrate his availability, I asked him to share some of his pearls of wisdom.

I was just in time because Guy is also contracted to one of his publishers for a new edition of one of his bestsellers.  So for starters, he’s written a brand new eBook showing you his uniquely simple approach that you can start implementing immediately … and I have the pleasure of sharing it with you first!

Grab your copy here

In this publication you will learn how to:

  • Trade volatility around news events such as earnings
  • Match the right options strategy with the appropriate chart setup (crucial for all options traders)
  • Understand the Greeks in seconds
  • Trade for income with full illustrated examples

… and much more.

If you’re interested in trading options at the highest level, from the industry’s leading expert, you will want to grab your copy NOW!

Guy has an uncanny ability to demystify and simplify options, which is why he’s a FOUR-time best-selling author, and this is exactly
what this new eBook will do for you … and more.

Grab your copy here

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Doc Severson Whale Trade Strategy Review | All Questions Answered

If you trade on a regular basis, it happens far too often … You see a stock explode out of a holding pattern, as if fired from slingshot – only you’re too late to get in on the action. So by the time you notice the move, everyone else has made their money and you’re left to figure out how to make sure you don’t make the same mistake again.

Well, here’s a suggestion to help you.

In this free tutorial, Doc Severson shares a new strategy that allows you to take advantage of early opportunities and profit with relative ease – before most other traders even know what’s going on.

He calls it the Whale Trade Strategy.

Developed specifically for today’s trading environment, Doc’s recent performance with this strategy is an 87.5% win rate with a 6.47 profit factor. He says there are certain setups in the market that are as predictable as a clock. In fact, he finds at least a dozen of these opportunities every weekend – at it only takes him about 15 minutes.

Now, he’s not hyping home-run trades – these are low-risk, high-probability trades that deliver consistent growth over an average of about 11 days … And most are entered for less than $20 a contract.  So you can profit with even the smallest accounts.

See for yourself: How to Spot Hidden ‘Whales’ for Safe, Consistent Profits

The tutorial is free.

Doc explains early on the reasoning behind the strategy name. I have a feeling you won’t look at the ocean’s giants the same way again. After all, they’re the key to producing profits in today’s market.

Watch this tutorial now.

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Pivotal Cash Bonanza Trading System | Pivotal Cash Bonanza Unbiased Review

Pivotal Cash Bonanza is an exclusive course and email advisory service that utilizes Bigalow’s unique Candlestick approach to buy out-of-the-money Call Options near the lowest-low and buy out-of-the-money Put Options near the highest high… showing potential profits totaling $86,786 investing just $350 per trade, including commissions and with no compounding.

In addition to Simple Guide to Higher Profits Using Candlesticks to Trade Options (course manual) and 30 days access to the Options Edge Live Trading Room, every subscriber will receive Inside Secrets to Your Pivotal Cash Bonanza which reveals every detail of the Cash Bonanza system from market scans to pivotal patterns written in the simplest terms, including program code for complete automation, (even seasoned pros will love getting their hands on this gem).

Welcome to the Pivotal Cash Bonanza Training Series! This all-inclusive series of profit generating videos is yours free… no strings attached. And as a “welcome gift”, Stephen Bigalow known for his unique approach to candlestick analysis is giving away his best-kept secret in this free eBook: Green Flag Your One True Signal For Fast Profits.

The Green Flag candlestick pattern discussed in this eBook is easier to spot and much more reliable than most of the patterns invented by ancient Japanese rice traders. Bigalow dubbed this pattern the “Green Flag” because it often signals a radical trend reversal enabling you to buy near the lowest low and sell near the highest high.

I don’t think you’ll find this pattern discussed anywhere else.  And it’s definitely worth knowing about. You’ll be amazed when you see how easily the Green Flag secret can enhance just about any trading system out there.

Click here to download your free eBook today

If you’re new to trading or if you have yet to realize the success you deserve the Green Flag could be exactly the kind of jumpstart you’ve been looking for. And, if you already have a trading system that’s working well for you, Green Flag could potentially boost your profits… Why not see for yourself?

Click here to download your free eBook today

But be forewarned.  This is a very limited time offer…So, if you’re too busy to think about anything new right now, click to download the eBook anyway…That way, you’ll have it safely saved on your computer.  And you can read it when you have time… even if it’s no longer available online.

Click here to download your free eBook today

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ProfitStream Forex | Does It Really Work?

A “new” strategy got leaked a few weeks ago – one that ran a $40 million dollar fund. The underlying algorithms of this secret strategy were developed by a broker to monitor what retail traders do and basically trade the opposite.

The details of ProfitStream are nothing short of amazing. This is a direct result of 10+ programmers working for 3 years and spending millions of dollars to develop a strategy to trade opposite of the retail trader of which 89.3% lose 100% of their account within 4 years!

An insider who was on the development team inside the brokerage has been racking up huge profits year in and out, for five years, using this “silent killer”.

It’s been a very well-kept secret but when you watch the video, your eyes will be opened to what could be the simplest, most elegant, brilliant strategy ever invented.

And the most shocking part is how it makes money on autopilot – by doing the exact opposite trades of a very specific group of traders who make the most common mistakes and suffer continual losses.

It’s genius. And has never been shown to the public before.

The video shows you the ins and outs of this powerful, completely legal and unique way to make money with Forex to build real wealth. The fund did even better than expected, until the regulators called it an “unfair advantage” and a “conflict of interest” and BANNED them from using it.

==> $40 million fund strategy BANNED by Regulators – Get It Here

The ProfitStream literally makes money by looking at trading data from losing traders, and basing its decision off that. Although it’s banned for institutions and brokers, it’s NOT banned for the small traders it was designed to take advantage of! This is the ONLY video with the full scoop on a phenomenal strategy unlike anything that has ever been seen.

ProfitStream shows why nearly 90% of all retail traders lose 100% of their money in four years and how you can actually use this fact to ensure you are not one of the people it’s banking on. It’s powerful, completely legal and a unique way to make money online to build real wealth, so register and check it out or you may end up being one of the losing traders that it makes money


It’s that powerful, and it was making money off YOUR bad trades. The only way to stop it from making money off your mistakes.

Well, you’ll find out in the video…

==>  Visit official ProfitStream Website Here

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