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The 4-Hour Income Strategy Unbiased Review

Wouldn’t it be nice to earn a faster trading profit? Even better, how would you like to do it while risking as little as possible? Rapid profits with low risk is the ultimate scenario whether you trade to supplement your income or make a full-time living.

Which is why I took immediate interest in an email I just received from long-time trading mentor Todd Mitchell. I’ve learned in the past, when Todd says he has a trading strategy you need to see (especially with what’s going on in today’s market), you get the pen and paper ready.

It’s called The 4-Hour Income Strategy. The 4-Hour Income Strategy is an approach that integrates the bond and e-mini futures markets to create a simple, easy-to-follow method for making consistent daily income. Best of all, it’s a strategy that takes advantage of only the most predictable hours of the day. So you’re not stuck sitting in front of your computer all day.

And because it’s day trading, there’s no overnight risk. So you can tuck in tight at night, knowing you won’t get greeted with an unwelcomed surprise when you wake in the morning. Right now, Todd and one of his trading partners, Craig Hill, are holding several webinars to introduce the 4-Hour Income Strategy.

Register Today for The 4-Hour Income Strategy Webinar

Pay close attention early on in the webinar. When you see the results (and what’s possible for you), you’ll be glad you attended.

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Indicator Blueprints: Learn How to Trade the Momentum

Have you ever wondered what indicators you should be using in your personal trading? It can get confusing between moving averages, RSI, price bands, stochastics and so on…

What if we could offer you a training course that will take you through the best indicators to put together a trading system?

You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify Trend & Momentum
  • Know which Indicators to Use and Which to Ignore
  • Avoid Paralysis through Over-Analysis
  • Read the Charts in Real-Time
  • Identify Low-Risk Entry Points
  • And, much more…

For a very limited time you can get the NetPicks “Indicator Blueprint” HERE

The current value is easily $197, but you can get it at no charge.

Your “Indicator Blueprint” includes a 50+ Page PDF training available for immediate download.  It’s easy to follow, has many clear chart diagrams and incorporates NetPicks 20 years of training experience.

Not only that, they’ve put together 4 supporting, professional produced training videos!

Grab your Indicator Blueprints today

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Steve Swanson’s Perpetual Income Generator is Live now

Today you can finally start testing out Steve Swanson’s 4D Perpetual Income Generator.

Click Here For The Preview Video

4D Perpetual Income Generator

This is the method that Steve used to predict the January sell-off, and the same method he’s using to predict when stocks will rally again.

No matter how good a strategy is, we all know that you can’t “guarantee” the market will go a certain direction.

Sure you can have a good idea and put the odds
in your favor but guarantee… you just can’t.

Which makes the fact that Steve is officially “putting his money where his mouth is” and making a pretty crazy guarantee based on his strategies pretty risky (for him).

If you are the least bit interested after learning from Steve this week, be sure to check out the video below:

Access the Video Here

4D Perpetual Income Generator

And as an added bonus, Steve is giving away a complementary book, “The Secret To Exploiting Ultra-Short Cycles For Ultra-Huge Profits.” This bonus book is absolutely free just for visiting this page…

Steve Swanson’s 4D Trading Method Revealed

4D Perpetual Income Generator


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Learn 2 Simple Tricks Could Increase Your Profit By 900%

In February 2015, we allowed a handful of ‘beta-testers’ to try out my newest income generating strategy. You have probably heard me speak about the simple income generation trick that could lead to a lifetime of income. Well those ‘beta-testers’ learned firsthand how we made two tweaks that led us to increase our payouts by almost 900%.

Let me take you to the beginning of the story.

My name is Adam Mesh. In 2013, my trading partner and I unlocked a very specific method of trading that had us winning on over 85% of the trades we recommended. We taught that strategy to tens of thousands of investors, just like you. Those first investors learned for themselves how they could generate income every week, without worrying about the direction of the market. Our first service did so well that it won a coveted industry award. As the service matured, my inbox was consistently filled with testimonials you wouldn’t believe.

But I’ve trained my team to always try and improve on success.
After making two small tweaks in 2015, we unlocked a trading strategy that increased the amount we collect from a trade by almost 900%.

You are not reading that wrong.

We have increased the amount each winning trade could yield by almost 900%; changing the way those ‘beta-testers’ will trade – forever.

Options Wealth Machine

Join Us LIVE on January 20th and I will show you exactly what we did live!

My New Year’s resolution is to get this strategy into the hands of as many investors as possible in 2016.

So if you don’t already have plans on January 20th, then I am going to teach you exactly how we tweaked our strategy to increase the amount you collect from a winning trade by almost 900%.

In order to attend this free event, you must register right now.

On January 20th, I will teach you the 2 ‘simple’ changes we made to our strategy that made all of the difference – COMPLETELY FREE.

Like most investors I speak to on a regular basis, you might believe you don’t have what it takes to participate in this event. During the LIVE EVENT, I will show you how our ‘beta-testers’ could have ended up with over $10,000 starting with an account no bigger than $5000.

You will learn how in the last 3 weeks, my subscribers could have pocketed $1300 from our SPY trade and $500 from our BABA tradeWhile the market was imploding. Our summer hit list is even better.
(Find out how much better)

We collected on Facebook (FB) trade $1735 in less than 2 months.

DIA was another winner collecting just under $2000 for less than 2 months worth of work. (Although it doesn’t feel like work!)

There is no reason not to join me for this live presentation on January 20th at 6PM ET.

As you can see it will absolutely be worth your while to learn exactly
how we have done all of this…

Click here and reserve one of the few spaces we have made available to the general public.

I look forward to seeing you on January 20th…

If you join me on January 20th, I promise to radically change the way you view the market – forever. Registration is FREE but seats are limited…

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Make 1 minor change and Earn 3X more money [download]

Steve Swanson’s 4D technology, which you’ll read about in a minute… everything about January’s sell-off and subsequent rally way back in December. If you want to know the future too, just click on the video link below. An up-to-date chart of the S&P 500 Price/Time Continuum is posted below the video.

See for yourself the precise day the next big rally will begin… then use the profit magnifier detailed in this free eBook to earn 3 times more profits. A revolutionary profit magnifier… quietly introduced in November 2008… had the power to essentially change the fate of millions of beleaguered investors…

Yet, to this day hardly anybody knows about it. Do you? In his highly acclaimed new book, Steve Swanson… the brilliant trader and inventor who predicted every intermediate market top and bottom for more than two decades… Reveals a safe and easy way for you to utilize the powerful Thanksgiving gift of 2008 to earn 3 times more money on every trade.

This is something you really deserve to know about. And you can download his tell-all new ebook this week for FREE…

Take That Profit And Triple It! How One Simple Change Can Earn You 3 Times More Money

I was shocked…

And I think you will be too when you see how ridiculously simple it is to make one minor change… Easy for ANYBODY… And turn a boring 25% a year strategy into an exciting moneymaker that averages 108% a year with no compounding!

FREE Download: Take That Profit and Triple It!

And that ’s not all…

When you download your FREE eBook, you’ll also gain instant access to Steve’s paradigm shifting video How TIME Controls Every Market Turning Point. Say what??? Steve Swanson actually invented a program that plots every intermediate market high and low… past, present, and FUTURE… on what’s called the “Price-Time Continuum”.

That’s how he’s been able to PREDICT and PROFIT from every market turning point for more than 2 decades. They’re calling Swanson’s 4th Dimension breakthrough the “Discovery of the Century”.

So you might want to at least take a peek. Click here now.

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Adam Mesh Options Wealth Machine | Will it Really Make You Income?

Options Wealth Machine is an award winning strategy that has an 82% success rate over 2 years and 262 trades. The founders behind this strategy are Adam Mesh and Todd ‘Bubba’ Horwitz.

Adam Mesh started his career as a day trader in the 90’s as electronic trading revolutionized the markets. After executives at the firm recognized his unique ability to breakdown and translate what’s happening in the market, he quickly moved through the ranks gaining national attention.

Mesh believes that the key to stock market success is to keep the strategies simple enough so that they can be repeated. “Consistency and Discipline are always found at the base of every great success story.” He is most proud of the exceptional level of customer support that his entire team provides.

Todd began his trading career in 1980 at the Chicago Board of Options Exchange. He traded in many pits including BMY, IBM, and many other equities. Todd was one of the original traders in the OEX and he helped start the SPX. He is a member the the Chicago Mercantile Exhange where he trades S&P futures as well as foreign currencies.

From 2002, Todd has been a member of the Chicago Board of Trade, where he traded in the Dow Bond and Grain Pits.

Currently, Todd is devoting his full time to trading the markets and training traders of all levels on Stock, Option, and Commodities.

So, what is the Options Wealth Machine?

It was designed to emulate what tier 1 Hedge Funds and active investors like Carl Icahn and others do to take advantage of the markets. The goal was to develop an income strategy that would consistently yield $150-300 per week with over a 70% annualized return. In addition, it was felt that this system would also improve trader discipline by focusing on weekly results and eliminating the tendency to over trade.

Essentially, the Options Wealth Machine relies on weekly option spreads to generate high probability trades.  Every Thursday at 10:30 am EST, Adam and his team select which weekly options have the highest probability of finishing in the money by the following week-ending expiration date. These trades are then placed and in most cases no further adjustments are made.  On rare occasions, an alert will be sent out to modify a trade or exit before expiration to minimize a potential loss.

==> Get Options Wealth Machine Here

Here’s what subscribers have to say about this service:

“Just wanted to tell you guys that last week was a great week in your options picks.  Also, looks like this week is off to a great start too. Just wanted to say thank you and good work! Looking forward to next week.

BTW, I find your explanations, commentaries,  and patience to be exemplary on the weekly calls. ”

“Still cooking along with options every week! Thanks for your assistance! Thank you so much for all you have taught me & the money I have made! ”

“I am very happy with the Options Wealth Machine service. Have always wanted to get into options. Adam And Todd make it fun, educational and profitable. Please upgrade me to a yearly subscription.”

“37 years of driving a truck delivering gasoline… I should have been doing this instead… I know you hear this a lot but really ,thank you for your patience and knowledge… I’ve been trying to learn how to trade for 4-5 years now and I’ve learned more from you than anyone else… thank you boss”

“I’m stunned on your success rate.  This is the only service I’ve seen that consistently is a winner.”

“I just want to say that I am so very happy to have found Options Wealth Machine and you have helped me turn around a losing portfolio.  I have subscribed to many investment services in my 25+ years of investing and yours is the best, with most others I was lucky to break even.  Your track record is great and I know you are concerned about people making money, not buying your service. ”

Want to learn more?

==> Register here for the next available webinar


==> Get Options Wealth Machine Here

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4th Dimension Perpetual Income Generator Review | Is It Any Good?

4th Dimension Perpetual Income Generator is an exclusive course and email advisory service that comes from Steve Swanson.

Steve Swanson was an inventor before he was a trader… an inventor who did the impossible. He turned reoccurring market cycles into consistent profits.

In the early ‘90s this brilliant scientist… urged on by a group of professional option traders… took a speech therapy program he invented, which displayed the cyclical components of spoken words, and he adapted it to evaluate market data.

The end result is a clear picture of every market turning point past, present, and future!

An elite group of traders have been following Swanson’s forecasts for more than a dozen years. And formal records dating back to 2006 show consistent profits with no draw-down year after year… including 2007-2009… making it possible to grow $5k to $145,237… $50k to $314,526 in 8 years trading the SSO S&P500 2x ETF.

Today – He’s giving away his highly acclaimed ebook:  Take That Profit and Triple It!

Download your free eBook Here

4th Dimension Perpetual Income Generator uses Swanson’s proprietary cycle software to track three bullish ETF’s: the SSO, DDM and QLD. All are double beta ETF’s designed to move twice as fast as the S&P500, DOW, and Nasdaq. Subscribers can also trade the single or triple beta ETFs; or buy options on the index.

Membership includes a comprehensive manual and 6-part DVD course, daily email alerts, daily market commentary, exclusive 4D cycle charts, weekly webinar with open-mic Q&A, and proprietary add-on software so subscribers can view cycle analysis for any market and any timeframe in real-time,day-trading and swing-trading on their own, if they like.

Offered at two price points, (6 month & 18 month) with a full performance guarantee.

Want yo learn more?

Click Here For Access to FREE 4th Dimension Perpetual Income Generator Video Training Series and Download Your FREE eBook



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Here’s your invitation to pick up this new free eBook “VIX And VIX ETNs: What They’re All About And How To Trade This Exciting Market!

VIX, also known as the “fear index,” is hot and this high voltage eBook
tells you what it’s all about and how you can trade this dynamic market.

Here’s what you’ll get in this fast moving book:

  • VIX and VIX ETNs, the expert’s tour
  • Meet the VIX index, what it is, how it works and what it means.
  • VIX Futures, how they work and how to trade them
  • VIX Options, a turbo-charged way to trade the VIX
  • VIX ETNs, the biggest and most popular names
  • 4 VIX trading strategies you can use starting today

VIX offers incredible opportunities and we’re excited about sharing VIX And VIX ETNs
with you so you can learn how to trade this electrifying market in cash accounts, IRAs and even 401ks.

New trades happen all the time.  Find out what’s happening right now!


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Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth | Complimentary book from best-selling author, James Altucher

If you want to figure out how to start a second career, a side business, or what to do in retirement, here’s a great place to start

It’s called The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth and it’s written by best-selling author James Altucher. USA Today has called his book “one of the 12 best business books of all time.”

But this is about more than just business – it’s about preparing yourself and your family for the future and the big new trends emerging that will have a huge impact on your life. “it’s essentially all about money: making it, growing it, keeping it, in America today. It’s about building wealth, investing, business, and finance. It’s about the new rules of retirement, entrepreneurship, investing, and preserving wealth.”

It’s a book that you can’t afford not to read.

You can get a FREE copy here


Would you like to learn more about James Altucher’s Top 1% Advisory Service?

Let me take you on a tour of Wall St.
Along the way James will explain the strategy he use to ride the coattails of some of the best investors ever…

Click here to see his strategy


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VIX Trader Review | Does It Really Work?

How would you like to own an ETF that favors you instead of “the house?”

VIX Trader can tell you what ETF is set up to work in your favor and how to trade Volatility ETFs, a new and powerful category of exchange traded funds designed to seek profits in today’s volatile markets.

Here’s a quick summary of what you get with VIX Trader:

  • A practical method for trading a widely watched and traded index, a new asset class that can be used for directional trading, diversification, portfolio hedging or volatility options trading.
  • A complete understanding of the one VIX ETF that allows investors and traders to effectively “buy low and sell high” more than 75% of the time.
  • A complete introduction to the S&P 500 VIX Index, also known as “the fear index,” how it works and how VIX ETNs can offer a way to trade volatility within a traditional brokerage account or even IRA or 401k.
  • A complete trading system designed to compete effectively with the institutions, computer based trading programs and algorithms that have introduced so much volatility into today’s markets.
  • Ongoing education and training that lets you “look over our shoulders” and learn how to trade these complex and exciting markets.  You’ll never be alone.
  • An in depth option trading program.

Would you like to learn more?

==> Register for the next VIX Trader Webinar Here

VIX Trader Shows You The Best VIX ETNs and How To Trade Them

  • VXX: iPath VIX Short Term Futures ETN
  • XIV: VelocityShares Daily Inverse Short Term Futures ETN

    VIX Trader will show how and when to move from long to short positions or cash, depending upon market conditions.

VIX Trader will show you how to trade VIX ETFs like XIV, VXX and UVXY. VIX Trader will teach you how to trade options on VIX ETFs which can further leverage potential profits. You’ll gain a complete understanding of the one VIX ETF that allows investors and traders to effectively “buy low and sell high” more than 75% of the time.XIV: VelocityShares Daily Inverse Short Term VIX

This ETF has dramatically outperformed the S&P 500.  From its inception on December 1, 2010, to June 30, 2015, this ETF gained 307% while the S&P 500 gained 69.1% (prices from, dividends, costs, taxes not included)

2011 -47.2% 0%
2012 +130.2% +13.3%
2013 +88.8% +29.6%
2014 +0.24% +11.5%
Jan-June 30, 2015 +25.9% +0.20%

 (for educational purposes only)

 The chart above shows what buy and hold looks like compared to the S&P 500.  But XIV isn’t really built for buy and hold. Check out the chart below and see the significant draw downs along with significant gains.


But do you see some trading opportunities in the chart above?

VIX Trader will teach you how to trade XIV and give you a chance to profit from what could be the best ETF you’ll ever own.

But when volatility spikes, VXX makes all the big moves and VIX Trader will show you how to trade both of these fast moving ETFs.

VIX Trader point and figure charting methodology gives you:

  • Entry points
  • Exit points
  • Clear Supply and demand information

(for educational purposes only)

Point and figure charting has been around since the days of Charles Dow and “takes out the noise” to give you a clear, easy to follow picture of market action and supply and demand.  But there are some tricks to it and you’ll learn all of these in VIX Trader.

The chart above is a point and figure chart of XIV for 2015.  This chart is the basis for trading XIV and VXX and then its signals are confirmed with a momentum indicator (which you’ll also get) to make sure you’re only trading in the direction favored by short term directional momentum.

¨You’ll also learn how to trade VXX:  S&P 500 Short Term Future ETN:

This is a wildly popular ETF, trading more than 75 million shares per day.  The chart of VXX shows what a loser this ETN can be but also how sort term bursts of volatility can offer quick and large profits.

VIX Trader teaches you how to use the VXX ETN during periods of market volatility and how to use VXX bearish option spreads during periods of market calm so you can have the opportunity to seek option income even as VXX declines.

With VIX Trader, you’ll get 11 Trading Videos that give you everything you need to trade effectively:

  • VIX ETNs
  • Trading Basics
  • Point and Figure Charting
  • Trend confirmation
  • Buy and Sell Rules
  • Anticipation based trading
  • Risk management

Plus ongoing education and training that lets you “look over our shoulders” and learn how to trade these complex and exciting markets:

Another important part of the package is our VIX ETN and Option Trading Alerts. (You can just follow these if you don’t have time to learn this system or don’t want to do it all yourself) or you can use them to “follow along” with our trades as you pursue your goal of becoming a successful volatility trader.

Members’ special features also include:

  • Weekly webinars
  • One on one coaching
  • Daily market updates
  • Private members’ page
  • Articles and educational resources

The VIX Trader Special Sale ends tomorrow night at Midnight so you have until then to take advantage of this very special pricing on this very special program.

VIX is a new asset class that you can use to seek directional trades, hedge your portfolio, manage risk or seek rapid fire options gains. 

Would you like to learn more?

==> Register for the next VIX Trader Webinar Here

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